About Me

I draw and stuff. Please please read my blog, I have no friends/life 😦 

That’s what I was just going to write here but, eh why not say a bit more. I was brought into the world  in the mid 90’s. I love to eat, sleep, play video games, draw, study and watch cartoons. I also read manga online and yes I do wear glasses. So you guessed right, I am a geek and I also have braces on through which, I spit occasionally and it took me till grade 8 to learn how to spell the word occasionally. I started this blog sometime last year because I was sad and depressed and I had friends who had blogs so, I wanted to have one too. The things written on this blog are either facts or fiction I shall not disclose which is which however. That’s for me to know and you to wish to know. Enjoy your read earthlings. Please please read my blog, please please I’m begging . Thank yous.

P.S look to the right, you’ll see a bunch of archives those are my posts, be sure to check ’em out. Bye Bye now.


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