Equality Or Feminism ?

                                                                ***Cont’d from “Send Me Nudes Please?”***


I think that men should be seen as being objectified too. We are after equality and yet we push equality away. It stares at us, laughing in our faces. “hahaha, I can post a shirtless picture and you can’t. I can hit a man without it being seen as an abuse. I can sleep with as many women as I want to but they will be called and labelled the sluts, not me.” Equality eludes and will continue to elude us because we cannot deal with things like this. I am not saying women should be walking around shirtless. No, not at all. I am saying men should be put on that pedestal, the same pedestal women are put on and vice versa. Misogynists will argue, “Women want to be equal but, slap them because they asked for it and you face women rights laws and activists. A man abusing his wife is labelled and seen as a wife beater. A woman seen lifting a finger to a man is seen as protecting herself from him.” What these ignorant ones seem to let slip through their fingers is THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Domestic violence also known as and I quote, “domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, dating abuse and intimate partner violence.” READ THE FINE PRINT. I will humour these ignorant ones however:

Domestic Violence can be experienced by anyone men, women, heterosexuals, there are even laws against ANIMAL ABUSE. So stop whining. Granted, women have been perceived as fragile, not as strong as men, etc. (because our culture has marginalized the experiences and perspectives of women from time) and so it is natural for people to think to blame the man because, SOCIETY has always placed the man as the one above, as aggressive, in charge, head of the home, the one whose opinion matters most, etc. This and a host of other reasons is why we press for equality. It always goes back down to, “a man seen touching a little child he does not know can be reported as a paedophile or a pervert but if a woman is seen touching a child she does not know, it’s not a big deal, she might be speaking kind words to him.” NO, NO, NO, NO. If the man is seen acting suspiciously towards the child, it is YOUR responsibility to report that. If the woman is seen acting suspiciously, YOU REPORT HER TOO. I personally am not a fan of hitting a woman. Not because she does not deserve it but because biologically, men are stronger and would most likely cause more damage than a woman would. That does not mean a WOMAN has the right to provoke a man to the point of him wanting to hit her. IF YOU ASK FOR IT, YOU WILL BE SLAPPED. WE WANT TO BE EQUAL BUT WE DO NOT WANT TO MAKE THE SACRIFICES IT REQUIRES. This also is not an excuse for a man to hit a woman. BUT, IF HE HITS YOU, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REPORT HIM. IF SHE HITS YOU, DO THE SAME. The same goes for the issue of rape. DO NOT SAY A WOMAN ASKS FOR IT BECAUSE SHE WEARS CLOTHES THAT REVEAL HER BREASTS OR ASS. No one ASKS TO BE RAPED. IT IS NOT A CHRISTMAS WISH. Getting raped can happen to anyone, male, female, hermaphrodite, gay, straight, ANYONE. Men get raped too. There is NO EXCUSE for RAPE. Men get raped by women, men get raped by men. Do not just say only female rape victims are talked about. Statistics show that women have always been the major victims of rape and it is because of this that more emphasis is/was placed on women rape victims but the world is evolving. Men getting raped is an idea the world is getting used to but that doesn’t make it less of a problem. It is not a competition of “Who gets the most Rape Victims”. RAPE is RAPE. Join the fight to eliminate it altogether.

We are fortunate to live in countries that have laws guiding and protecting us as women. What some misogynists do not understand is that feminism exists not just to fight for equal rights for women on political, social and economic grounds but most importantly to fight for equal rights for women who are in countries that are dominated by mostly men; Women who are helpless and are defined by their fathers and/or husbands and male figures in power, women who are seen as a means to an end. Feminists, true feminists are fighting for humanity as is defined by the present society. Do not take everything regarding equality as a feminist slur, that is pure ignorance. Feminists campaign for women’s rights in voting, property, job securing, contract laws etc. They do this all the while promoting integrity, self-respect, self-worth, and autonomy for women. They work to protect young girls from sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence and any form of discrimination towards women. SHUT YOUR MOUTH WITH ALL THAT IF YOU SLAP ME, I SLAP YOU bullshit. That is not what feminism is about, park your ignorance elsewhere and make use of Google.

I say equality will continue to elude us because, until the majority can acknowledge that in order to be equal, one must take into consideration both parties, being male and female, we will all just keep merry-go-rounding, dilly dallying around this bump that is Equality. By this, I do not mean one party talking blindly and accusing the other of sexism. You cannot gloat and make statements in ignorance. Refer to the above paragraph. I will not just poke a hole in ignorance towards feminism. There are some ignorant ones who refer to themselves as Feminists but do not even understand the meaning of the word/movement. These ones also make ignorant slurs to the people who counter feminism, the Slap Me I Slap You people. If we truly want equality, we should come together to fight for the issues facing Humanity not just Women Issues or Men Issues. The world is evolving, do not bask in the glory of your ignorance and do not point accusing fingers. Until both sides can agree on these issues, I feel Equality will always be one step ahead of us. But sadly, agreeing means coming together, seeing eye to eye, being EQUALS. But we can never really be equals because someone always has to be at the top of the food chain, it’s the circle of life but we can start from somewhere. 


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