For weeks it’s been a constant battle between my mind and my fingers. Trying to come up with something to post on here is harder than my Computer Science class. Well, okay that maybe stretching the truth a little bit or a lot. I was going to dab into fiction but that didn’t work out. Then, I had this brilliant idea to take what happens to me daily and stretch it a bit, writing it in first person like fiction but, that didn’t work out either. It’s been two months since my last post and needless to say, a lot can happen in two months:

The world witnessed the incompetence of Nigerian leaders as over two hundred school girls were kidnapped from their boarding school in Chibok thus launching the worldwide petition, #bringbackourgirls as expected. Nowadays, when something goes wrong in the world, it takes 140 characters or less and a hashtag-whatever-the-problem-is to show that you care and are interested in making a change.

The world lost one of the greatest poets/writers Dr. Maya Angelou may her soul rest in perfect peace. I like to think her soul is resting in perfect peace because, she did what she was destined to do, bringing hope and a sense of pride not only to African Americans, but to all citizens of the world.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married and their wedding was the most speculated, talked about event in a long while (sorry Will and Katie). The picture of their wedding kiss posted on Instagram became the most liked picture on the site and, Kanye is still an egotistical, brilliant muhfucka (who’s pictured smiling a lot more).

Arsenal won the FA CUP (BLEHH STILL).  Real Madrid became European Champions. The World Cup started –Spain LOST to NETHERLAND/HOLLAND/WHATEVER-THEY-CALL-THESMSELVES. I am going to dwell on this Spain tragedy a little bit more. I had expected a loss or a draw BUT, I did not expect a 5-1 score-line. I MEAN C’MON DEFENDING CHAMPS! Their loss was not even honorary. I MEAN, ROBBEN, SICK BASTARD, MESSED UP SPAIN’S DEFENCE. VAN PERSIE YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN, BEAUTIFUL BATMAN.  EPL NEXT SEASON, BE AFRAID. MANCHESTER UNITED IS COMING WITH FIRE. NOW ONLY IF THEY WOULD START SIGNING BEAUTIFUL PLAYERS. Brazil beat Croatia, as expected even after a marvelous first world cup goal by Real’s very own MARCELO (HAHAHA see what I did there? OWN? LOL).Can someone say BALOTELLI AND PIRLO??? YASS ITALIA, BOO HOO ENGLAND. DROGBA IS STILL THE MAN and Nigeria displayed their lack of tactic and game play creativity as very well expected. Lest I forget, Ghana played a good game against USA but still suffered a loss, at the 86th minute. Theirs is a perfect example of how your life can change at literary the last minute. Well, technically not the last minute. PEPE is a glorified idiot and Germany came with fire.  Spain suffered another loss to Chile, knocking them out of the WC. It is with great pride and regret I say, I called it! I called the Spanish loss before WC started. BAHAHAHA , ADIOS ESPANA. Well, this World Cup is very eventful and unpredictable but still, that’s the beauty of football.

The Chibok girls are still missing aaaaaannnnddd, I got myself a Tumblr and I am now tumblr-crazed.  I also started listening to alternative music genre and discovered my sad deep side. I reached a 1000 song mark on my iTunes. I was told that people hate me because I talk like a fool on which could be possibly true I mean, judging by all the things I’ve just written. I still stalk people and I became terribly obsessed with two new writers. Mother threatened to leave me out on the streets if I did not send her my results and I still suck at replying people/communication. I finally got around to reading Chimamanda Adichie’s “Americanah” and I must say her words flow rhythmically, bringing the characters to life in your mind’s eye. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and once again, am blown away by the Dramatic brilliance that is Shonda Rhimes.

Well, that’s it for today’s episode of Merry-go-rounding with Debbs. Tune in for the next episode and we guarantee, she will have something worthwhile for you to read. No, seriously, I promise to write something better and worth your while. Goodbye folks.


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