I can feel myself, slowly, desperately wheeling back into that pool of depression. I thought you had cured it, or that you would cure it. I guess, some things aren’t just meant to go away. There are some things that we can’t just run from. Its time I accept that, time I stop trying to change what might or could happen. No, rather what should happen. You cannot change what is going be, what is. You can only hope that things will go your way. But, the human race is so selfish. Everyone always wants things to go their way. But if everyone wants things to go their way, then nothing would go the way it was planned. Everything has been planned, orchestrated, to go in a particular manner. We can’t all be pleased, that is the saddest part. We just have to suck it up, and know that sometimes, things won’t go the way we want them to. That should not stop us from being who we want to. 


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